Soft-Delete for entities

The softDelete property of the @Entity decorator can be used as below.

Note that it is also required to use the onDelete property in one of the fields to instruct nukak which field to use as the deletion mark when deleting the records.

/** * `softDelete: true` will make the entity "soft deletable". */ @Entity({ softDelete: true }) export class MeasureUnitCategory { @Id() id?: number; @Field() name?: string; /** * `onDelete` callback allows to specify which field will be used * when deleting/querying this entity. */ @Field({ onDelete: }) deletedAt?: number; }


If we delete a record for that entity, it will be soft-deleted, and won't be load by the find operations:

await querier.deleteOneById(MeasureUnitCategory, 1);

That ▲ code will generate this ▼ SQL:

UPDATE `MeasureUnitCategory` SET `deletedAt` = 1627344820381 WHERE `id` 1


And if we perform any find operation for that entity, the soft-deleted records won't be loaded (by default):

await querier.findMany(MeasureUnitCategory, { $project: ['id', 'name'], $limit: 100 });

That ▲ code will generate this ▼ SQL:

SELECT `id`, `name` FROM `MeasureUnitCategory` WHERE `deletedAt` IS NULL LIMIT 100